Monday, December 31, 2012


The snap above is what I took near a place in Anna Nagar, Chennai. The part of the dead tree still looks great, but not the clumsy formation on its left side. When humans create individual things for themselves they forget the overall perspective. It is mostly a selfish move and selfish moves never tend to see how the overall perspective gets affected. That is why the great appearance of this dead tree is not getting complimented by the intervention that is there on the left side, that man has made.

That is where Nature is so superior. Whatever it brings in has its own beauty. Even after its death it continues to fit into a part of the overall beautiful appearance of the natural earth. How it is able to do this is a mystery.

If you compare the two pictures you can see some difference. I actually dabbled with the first snap and spread some more of nature's creation over the buildings, transformer,etc on the left and so it looks so nice and soothing to the eyes.







Last December I got an opportunity to sing on stage for Christmas.  Of all the performances I have done so far, I believe this one was the best. The previous stint was almost a year earlier.

I have to agree that I did experience almost a factory of butterflies inside me in the last five hours prior to singing. But still I feel I was able to manage it well. Singing is best done when we are able to breath normally and when we are at complete ease with the surroundings. I really felt that happen this time.

I remember the first time when I performed on stage in college. I had truck loads of butterflies inside me for almost days before the singing. I had not practised the spots where I had to breathe and the whole song came to stop in the middle and I exhaled heavily into the mike. It was like the sound of some mini typhoon for the audience, when I finally exhaled :)) It took several months for me to come to terms with that fiasco :))

Singing comes best when we are casual and at ease. But I think I am rarely in that state and that is why I believe it is always a challenge for me :)) In fact singing is a great way to destress.

The funniest part is that someone had to tell me that I could sing. I am thankful to my college mates S.V.Gopal, Arul Daniel and Giridhar for pushing me to sing on stage the first time and to go beyond my diffidence.

Once when I was working out of Kolkata, I memorised a few Hindi song scripts written in English and went for a Hindi song audition. I did well and the judges rated me high. Ankur my roommate at Kolkata was the one who helped me get there. That performance gave me a lot of confidence. But the real mishap happened when the judge started to talk to me in Hindi after the song and all I could do was to blink in response :)) There are many other friends who always wanted me to sing in gatherings, small or large and all these little stints have had feedbacks and has helped me to dive deeper with much more interest and enthusiasm to sing.

Being part of the choir singing group at Church gives me a lot more confidence to take the pretty high and low pitches and to control my breath. Our choir leader Vinod has been a great observer and trainer. Team singing though, is a different cup of tea.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Its my pleasure to share that a poem of mine "Destiny's Creation" has got published in a magazine promoted by an Indian Association in the United States named NASKA.

Please visit

and click on Dowload Souvenir 2012  to download the magazine in pdf format. The poem is in there on Page 29.

In case you find it difficult to dowload, please read this poem at the link below:

Have a good time..

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. May joy and peace surround you in the days to come.

This year the Christmas was different. We had the tree setup, there was lot of food that was made, and lots of friends and relatives called up and we exchanged greetings. But what was more significant for me and my wife was to join our senile and extremely sick parents to the church and to break bread with them.

We had to exhibit a lot of patience as they are heading into an age where we need that patience that is required to take care of a child. Old age has lots in common with the very young age that we have come through. And to find joy in this patience is where my focus was in this year's Christmas.

When our children see this patience in us being exhibited, I believe they too will learn and exhibit the same in the long run.


Friday, December 21, 2012


The last few days had been abnormally hectic at office. My sleeping hours had also become pretty less as we were clocking late nights at work. I was irritable to almost everyone around and stress levels were on the high, not because of the workload, but because of the situations churning up created by individuals. I did end up eating biriyani and chocolates and sometimes eat like a glutton, all these being the side effects of stress.

I hit home and then hit bed pretty late and woke up up pretty late too. I had to work out of home and while in the middle of it, I received a call from an insurance company where I had a policy for my vehicle. I think it was the voice of a very young support staff...probably a young girl. She had called up to verify my personal data and also to fill up the missing areas in that database.  In fact I had fully completed the form, but the company did not collect all the required data through that form. I was so impatient with her and kept asking her in a very angry tone as to why this data was not fully captured when I had filled up the original insurance policy form. I did not even allow her to speak freely and every time she started talking, I kept interrupting, pouring out all my accumulated frustration for which she was not the actual person responsible.

The young girl was so patient and matured in her response. She still continued to politely request me for the data and I finally gave her all the data what she wanted, inspite of the frustration that I demonstrated. She then thanked me and closed the call. An hour slipped by and I realized how immature a person I had been in front of a little girl, who was pretty younger to me. She had in fact demonstrated much more patience and maturity.

An hour later, I related this incident to my sister, as I was feeling bad about it. She told me that the little girl was only doing her duty, and was undergoing the treatment I gave her with patience, because she like many others very badly needed to hang on to their jobs. This is something that I actually know, but I wonder how I still am so very impatient and immature. How blessed I am when compared to so many such individuals going through such difficult jobs facing their rude customers.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Over the years a lot of individuals from across the world have dropped by.

There have been visitors from countries not listed here too like Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Lativia, Oman,Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway,Slovenia, Belarus, Switzerland, Israel, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Australia, Serbia, Colombia and Chile. Welcome to each of you from all these places !!!

It would be great to connect with each of you and know about your life and interests.

Listed below are the statistics All Time, Monthly, Weekly

Monday, December 10, 2012


Happy to share this card with all my friends. I believe she spent a few days before the birthday getting this ready.

Kindly skip the adjectives like "Awesomest", " Greatest" and the words "Entire Universe" :))).

We spent a long time together going through this creation. This gives me much more happiness that anything that happens in my workplace.

I still believe that our entire time is our family's time in which we as parents are the main entities. It is a part of that time that we are committed to do the work at our workplaces that we are responsible for, with all diligence. The more we focus on managing that time well, so as to find time everyday for our family especially our kids, the more joy we will experience.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Last weekend I drove to my friend's house. We have been friends since childhood and we keep sharing a lot of things between us. I was happy to see him. We talked and talked on many subjects. The evening was great and though a lot of children were around playing and creating a cacophony of sorts, we still enjoyed the ambience of the park with the fresh flowers and greenery.

Long conversations always brings out something about my profession too into it. I happened to share with him that these days my job has a large chunk of activities that don't really contribute to my competence, but still they are activities that have to be done as part of the organization's need. I was telling him how I feel really sad about it. When I slowly moved from a sad state into a cribbing state, my good friend told me that he was actually without a job and that he was desperately hunting for one. He was fine to take up any kind of work.

The best part of that conversation with him was that he never even once advised me not to crib, or to be happy with what I have. Instead he just told me he was prepared to take up any kind of work. His tone and his body language conveyed a lot. I believe that the message to me was that atleast I have a job to crib about. It was a funny situation where I was not prepared to do any job dumped on my head, but only nice and juicy ones with competence, whereas he was prepared to take up anything as he had no choice.

It is true that beggars can never be choosers. I believe that I who is cribbing today would with a smile take up the same work and do it if I did not have a job in hand.

I was actually complaining that I had no shoes to someone who had no feet!!!


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