Sunday, September 30, 2012


Last Saturday my daugther and I were on a long walk. A plane flew past and my daugther kept seeing it till it disappeared into oblivion. When it was gone she asked me, "Dad, will you end up inventing something like the plane for the world to use through your job what you are doing now?". I did not know what to answer here. Several years of being a part of good universities and organizations in the field of engineering, have not got me anywhere near to making even a small invention.

I wish my daughter did something like that sometime for the benefit of the world. May be I should work with her to set some great goals for her to pursue.


My daughter has taken these snaps while at home in my absence. I like these pictures, not that they are great ones, but that they have been shot independently. Again it is not to sing eulogies on what she is able to do. But just that taking risk sometimes pays dividends. The risk I take to get her to do this, is to give her the freedom to use the digicam in my absence.

Yes, it is a costly risk, but many times the sweet results of taking a risk comes only with such an outer costly impact wrapper, that we don't see any risk involving minimal impact these days.

I have to see my character on how my mental balance will be, when she accidentally drops the camera down one day, in the middle of doing this. Will I still appreciate her pictures? :))


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