Monday, December 31, 2012


Last December I got an opportunity to sing on stage for Christmas.  Of all the performances I have done so far, I believe this one was the best. The previous stint was almost a year earlier.

I have to agree that I did experience almost a factory of butterflies inside me in the last five hours prior to singing. But still I feel I was able to manage it well. Singing is best done when we are able to breath normally and when we are at complete ease with the surroundings. I really felt that happen this time.

I remember the first time when I performed on stage in college. I had truck loads of butterflies inside me for almost days before the singing. I had not practised the spots where I had to breathe and the whole song came to stop in the middle and I exhaled heavily into the mike. It was like the sound of some mini typhoon for the audience, when I finally exhaled :)) It took several months for me to come to terms with that fiasco :))

Singing comes best when we are casual and at ease. But I think I am rarely in that state and that is why I believe it is always a challenge for me :)) In fact singing is a great way to destress.

The funniest part is that someone had to tell me that I could sing. I am thankful to my college mates S.V.Gopal, Arul Daniel and Giridhar for pushing me to sing on stage the first time and to go beyond my diffidence.

Once when I was working out of Kolkata, I memorised a few Hindi song scripts written in English and went for a Hindi song audition. I did well and the judges rated me high. Ankur my roommate at Kolkata was the one who helped me get there. That performance gave me a lot of confidence. But the real mishap happened when the judge started to talk to me in Hindi after the song and all I could do was to blink in response :)) There are many other friends who always wanted me to sing in gatherings, small or large and all these little stints have had feedbacks and has helped me to dive deeper with much more interest and enthusiasm to sing.

Being part of the choir singing group at Church gives me a lot more confidence to take the pretty high and low pitches and to control my breath. Our choir leader Vinod has been a great observer and trainer. Team singing though, is a different cup of tea.


Meryl Mammen Kurien said...

Hi uncle! I liked your rendition of "Karthavam Yeshuve". I guess your bass voice complemented the song. Do keep singing.

Cherry said...

Meryl...thnx very much...Yes I love singing and I am praying that God will help me to keep singing for long.



John MV said...

Beyond the joy of singing and letting others enjoy the melody, there is an awesome joy in participation. Church choir or an office function when you sing you are becoming part of that core group with total involvement and enjoying both the harmony of the music and the fellow ship of the community gathered there. So music group ABBA says "Thank you for the music .....the joy were bringing..

Roy Cherian Cherukarayil said...

Dear Cha,

Happy to see your note on an old blog post.

Yes, beyond singing and presenting the same to the world around, its the camaraderie.There are a lot of people who have a lot of troubles in their life, who join us in the choir or community singing and for those few hours, music takes us to a different world.

We are actually blessed Cha :)


Roy Cherian.C


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