Friday, December 7, 2012


Last weekend I drove to my friend's house. We have been friends since childhood and we keep sharing a lot of things between us. I was happy to see him. We talked and talked on many subjects. The evening was great and though a lot of children were around playing and creating a cacophony of sorts, we still enjoyed the ambience of the park with the fresh flowers and greenery.

Long conversations always brings out something about my profession too into it. I happened to share with him that these days my job has a large chunk of activities that don't really contribute to my competence, but still they are activities that have to be done as part of the organization's need. I was telling him how I feel really sad about it. When I slowly moved from a sad state into a cribbing state, my good friend told me that he was actually without a job and that he was desperately hunting for one. He was fine to take up any kind of work.

The best part of that conversation with him was that he never even once advised me not to crib, or to be happy with what I have. Instead he just told me he was prepared to take up any kind of work. His tone and his body language conveyed a lot. I believe that the message to me was that atleast I have a job to crib about. It was a funny situation where I was not prepared to do any job dumped on my head, but only nice and juicy ones with competence, whereas he was prepared to take up anything as he had no choice.

It is true that beggars can never be choosers. I believe that I who is cribbing today would with a smile take up the same work and do it if I did not have a job in hand.

I was actually complaining that I had no shoes to someone who had no feet!!!

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