Monday, December 10, 2012


Happy to share this card with all my friends. I believe she spent a few days before the birthday getting this ready.

Kindly skip the adjectives like "Awesomest", " Greatest" and the words "Entire Universe" :))).

We spent a long time together going through this creation. This gives me much more happiness that anything that happens in my workplace.

I still believe that our entire time is our family's time in which we as parents are the main entities. It is a part of that time that we are committed to do the work at our workplaces that we are responsible for, with all diligence. The more we focus on managing that time well, so as to find time everyday for our family especially our kids, the more joy we will experience.


Meryl Mammen Kurien said...
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Cherry said...

Thnx much Meryl. Yes I am keeping all her work as a collection.

Dhana said...

Sherin will soon become a great blogger to compete with you :)

Cherry said...

:)) Yes Dhana...its great if one can hold on to anything with passion...the results can be miraculous...Thnx.


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