Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We had put in several weeks of preparation before this first performance. But still we had lots of hard lessons to take back with us. It was very clear that competition was almost biting us at all corners.

There was a speech by one of the guests, that was really apt for the occasion. He brought out the significance of choir singing attaining a spiritual level when harmony sets in through the voices of all the performers in a team. That harmony that comes in when individuals place the group's objective as primary in their mind according to him, is a great lesson in team work. That is where he said that, each of us need to transcend beyond our self to perform together with others in the team, for acheiving the team's goal.

We could apply this concept to any team activity pursuing a common goal. That is why individuals who are keen on strong individual performances many times may not be able to fit into a group performance.

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