Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Happy Diwali to you. It was about 7.00 pm yesterday, when I reached the main road close to my home. I thought it would be good to buy some fireworks on my way to home. I spotted a shop close to the main junction and stood in the long bee line. In a few minutes I could hear the horn of a fire engine making its way towards the east. Five minutes later I heard the horn of an ambulance go in the opposite direction. I am not sure if either of the two were in any way connected to an accidental burn injury caused by fireworks. But it was a very peculiar thing to see on the eve of Diwali. Almost everyone waiting there in the line also shared the same thought.

We should all have a blast this Diwali, but we should also ensure that we and our dear ones last and remain in good shape.

I have to admit that I am always really scared while walking on the road on the days around Diwali time, always wary of the cracker that would take you unawares at some corner of the road. In fact yesterday evening, I took the road that had mostly shops lined up on both sides, so that I could avoid the areas where children danced around with crackers.

Again on the flip side, it's not that we should be too scared and lose all the fun. But we shoud take good care to be in good shape in the days that follow Diwali.


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