Saturday, November 3, 2012


Weeks back I had the opportunity to see a child take its first attempt at taking its first steps. God's creation is amazing. The child was trying out something it has never done before, something unknown and today most of us are not able to take big leaps and big risks because of the fear of the unknown that looms large in front of us. But as a child we somehow took bigger risks.

A baby for sometime crawls and then moves around on its hands and knees. When it tries to stand up, many times it falls flat on its belly, face down. Seeing that happen to my daughter years back was indeed spine chilling. I almost had a feeling that she would break herself. But even after the fall it rises and tries again. That is something I felt is a great lesson for an adult like me to rise up and try again even after a fall.

With every fall that we have comes additional fears, insults and a drain of self esteem. If little babes were to have all these with each fall, they would never have ventured to stand up and walk at all. How amazing is God's creation.


Chaitu said...

Inspiring, absolutely true.

Cherry said...

Thnx Chait for dropping by.


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