Monday, October 29, 2012


It is an interesting situation that crops up when we have not studied our subjects properly in school. The most obvious impact is that money has to be shelled out by our parents to get a seat in a college for a professional course that is supposed to open a green channel towards employment. For those students who have been lucky of getting into courses leading to jobs without having to take this impact, there is another impact lurking in the corner.

When they grow up and have a family, the kids approach them with questions on concepts in academic subjects. If they are not in a position to guide them, sending them to tuition centres is the only option. And today it is a big expenditure to get our kids coached through these centres.

Getting great marks is one thing. It can many times be the result of a one sided peripheral study without depth, where the retention can be pretty ephemeral. But studying a subject properly is a totally different aspect. If the latter happens, then once the concept goes inside a person, it never evaporates.

I am not sure how long I will keep sustaining that magical impression in my daughter that I am the expert in all subjects. So far so good :))

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