Saturday, August 25, 2012


We had sporadic rainfall in the past few days. We happened to call a person to cut off dry coconut leaves and twigs. And what you see below is what came down. I wanted these to remain in our house forever. It gives a feeling of being in Kerala. When rain splashes on these it is awesome to watch. But somehow it had to be disposed it in a day's time.

I love the smell of wet earth and the sight of all these lying on it when rain dresses the earth. But somehow we got almost the whole place covered with concrete and granite. Now we have lots of smooth space for our feet to comfortably walk around. There are no stones that hurt our feet neither do we have mud or small water puddles. But I still miss the beauty and smell of wet earth and the natural feeling that it offers.

Nature is so beautiful when it is random and left random. We humans tend to organize constructing things on it. But we lose the rustic beauty of nature in the process.

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shaju said...

Nice one Roy

Shaju Jacob


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