Thursday, November 10, 2011


Its my pleasure to share the story "Little Sure Steps and a Big Dream" that got published in a magazine in the United States for an Indian Association named NASKA. They have also published few paintings of mine.

Please visit 

and click on Dowload Souvenir 2011 at the bottom right to download the magazine in pdf format. The story and paintings are in there from Page 36 to Page 39.These paintings are already there in the blog archives.

Have a good time.


Veera said...

Congratulations Roy.

Great piece of story which apparently depicts the universal truth that 'Sustained effort and hardwork helps one to acheive their dreams'.

Krishnamoorthy said...

Hi Roy

Good work!!!!

Awesome pictures... I am stunned to see such pictures created through MS Paint.. You have immense talent.. Proud to be your friend.


Vinod said...

Congrats Roy. I did read it earlier. Hope to see more of them come through.


Surya said...

wow ! Hearty Congratulations ji !

TNS said...

As usual simple and great.
Keep it up roy, one day you are going to be recognised as a great writer and story teller
Good luck


Anonymous said...

Great work Roy ......It's always a pleaseure/treat to read your stories/articles.
Thanks for the wondeful stories....and keep writing :-)

Ankur said...

Good going cherry :)

Vijay Anand Venugopalan said...

Hi Roy,


How are you? At times I recall the good times with your guitar-playing and singing sessions at Sanal's place. :-)

Good to know about your successes with writing. Best Wishes!


Rathindra said...

you write well!"

Anonymous said...

Truly inspiring..tremendous a feel as though it was a real one..really wished that it was a true incident..there was a feel good factor to it.....

Anonymous said...

Your writings based on true incidents come out much better. There is something missing in the story which I believe is not based out of a true incident. It will be better if you can dwell some more on the main character's life in each age span as he moves through. That will make it more natural. It will certainly need more pages to bring all that in.

Anonymous said...

A good attempt, but can be written much better. There should be more depth in the description of the character to bring in credibility.Especially when we portray across a large age spectrum of the character it has to be more descriptive and may not be something we can be done in two pages.


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