Friday, April 30, 2010


Some great woodwork on the roof of this church really left me standing. The interiors are so beautiful and symmetrical and well maintained. This is the place where St. Thomas, the disciple of Christ Jesus was supposed to have been laid to rest. The church has been the focus, of progressive architectural renovation through the years, and the results are here to see.



ajwilson said...

St.Thomas happened to land on the shore near the Santhome Basilica after his ship broke apart in a storm just off the Santhome Coast.
Many of the sailors along with him held on to many broken part of the ship, including the main mast, and floated to shore. The main mast of that ship was planted just near the steps leading down to the beach behind the church. St.Thomas is said to have made a prayer (as that mast was being planted), in which he said that the sea will never, ever cross beyond the point where the mast was planted.
We had a Tsunami that struck our coast a few years back. Believe me, the sea waters had come inland upto, and into the DGP's office, on the northern side ,and into the beach head and the backwater on the Foreshore estate side (south). No part of the Doming Kuppam which is near the church, and beyond upto the St. Thomas tamil church, had any damage or ingress of sea water. The main mast has seen the ravages of time, and still stands at the entrance to the beach near the steps behind the Bascilica. Yes its a reminder to us even today of the landing spot of St. Thomas.

Cherry said...

Wily Sir,
Thanks much. I did not know about this interesting detail. It's so reassuring to see the happenings in front of us and how God is still helping us. I was stranded in Velankani during that tsunami with my family and God helped us out.



siby said...

very interesting details

Cherry said...

Thanks Siby..

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