Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Today's drive down the Constable Road at Perambur, was my third after the Vardah cyclone had battered Chennai. I got a pulse of the damage, when I drove down this road the very next day after the cyclone and I wanted to see it again, after the dry parts of the battered trees had fallen off. The green canopy is still more or less intact here and the loss was just a few trees. It could be because the Integral Coach Factory is on one side and the Railway Quarters is there lined up on the other side. This had broken down the wind speed in a big way.

I have a big sentimental connection with this road as it is this route I took to school, by walk and by cycle, for twelve sweet years. My mother took off on her heavenly abode from the Railway Headquarters hospital that is down this road. This was also the place where both my father and mother had worked for several years. The convoy that followed the mortuary van that took her on her final journey, took this road first. l dabbled with cycling and learnt my motorbike and car driving on this road.

Today, am on this road again, to get medicines from the same hospital for my sick father. I hope this greenery stays for long and that my romance with this road continues.

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