Saturday, November 19, 2016


Today, you should take time for yourself,
And walk along those serene paths,
That you always wanted to,
      Those pristine green paths,
🍰Feeling the flowers and shrubs caress you. 

Today you should wear,
Your uniqueness boldly on you,
And should as the young ones say "rock". 
But it's also a great day
To be silent and reflect..🍰🍸🎂

🍷Today is when,
Reminiscences will fill you to the brim. 
It's a good day to look forward
And set new goals. 
But more than that, 
It's a great day to be just YOU,
And do all you really like,
From the bottom of your heart. 🍸🍷

🎋🍁Long back on this day,
When the earth heard u first cry,
They were filled to the brim,
With joy boundless.

Everything you did,
Brought happiness to all around,
And many a hand,
Wanted to take care of you.

🎂Today, with the burdens of life,
You probably prefer,
To cry all alone,
To cry while it rains,
So that only Providence will know,
Your tears.

But today is a day to smile,
To be just YOU,
Unique, unbridled and effervescent!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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