Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Jotting a birthday poem for a royal bard,
Is an attempt that can be quite hard,
For all our great wordy birthday cards,
Could for his eyes, be mere literary shards.

But for the flamboyant bunch that we were dear mate,
You will for sure, welcome any gift from us on this date,
Be it a succinct message or an outburst all verbose,
We are sure, that it will never ever make you comatose.

Our best birthday wishes for you dear wonderful mate,
We hope we etched these words, on marble or on fine slate,
But what's more than etching this right into your heart,
For it's that bonding that binds us, never to part.

May destiny open those rare and huge gates to shower,
Those choicest and wonderful blessings at this hour,
With great days ahead for you, all abundant with mirth,
And health and happiness, never ever in dearth.

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