Sunday, March 22, 2015


The evening was slowly giving over it's decree to the night and me and my daughter tried moving through this place.

Frankly, it was boring as there was nothing interesting out there that we did encounter. I wish we had a nice green expanse to walk on, with some sloped terrain to climb and then to come down. But it wasn't there either. But every time we looked up, we liked to see what nature offered. We could see the evening sky through the sublime and subtle art of the tree branches, that were part of the thick canopy that lay on top of us. Frankly, it gave us that real forest feel.

Imagine walking through some thick green bushes and shrubs, with nature and greenery embracing us all around and on top, with some slopes for us to struggle on and climb, those little sweet struggles and then the getting down from these. These little sweet things that we very seldom encounter in our urban life, were what we were really yearning for. But nah!! these were not there.

We would have never felt this, had the top been empty and open without this nice rustic canopy. Somehow, it's always these opportunities in half that frustrate us more than the situations where there is absolutely nothing to expect at all :)

Well, here's where we actually were :))

This is a road in West Anna Nagar, Chennai that runs in front of my daughter's school. And the snap you saw first, was just an upper portion of it. I think we should always keep looking at the better side of things and enjoy the best portions of the total that is offered to us :)) Expecting enjoyment from the whole total is what would frustrate us :))

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Suresh Gopalan said...

Decently you brought out everything from a normal scene of Urban life with very strong message, "How to look for the best from the worst situation".



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