Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This yuletide took us to more competitions. We emerged winners and learnt good lessons too.

We had two free singing opportunities and four competitions.
We were dethroned at the very first encounter, but got back to the winning rhythm from the second competiton. One of these was the "Battle of Carols" organized by Chennai 104.8 FM where we even competed with professional bands and emerged second.

I believe that even if another group took up the same songs that we sang, we would still have won them by a mile, as we had a great conductor who trained us and brought the best out of us.

We also had great co-ordinators who organized the several gatherings, rehearsals and trips extremely well.

We also could clearly see, how our opponents have improved over the years. And that meant that we will have to slog more, and challenge ourselves more, to retain the crown while we move into the coming years.

I liked the camaraderie of this group. Everytime I went back home, I took with me a lot of energy from it. This energy flowed in all the more, when we gave out our victory cry each time. I could sense enthusiasm, a fighting spirit and a killer instinct in that cry. And that still keeps filling in me and in everything I do. Its a great feeling.

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