Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This Sunday I got the opportunity to get back to cooking after a long time and I tried out mushroom curry. It was lip smacking and believe me you are going to like it too. This was the first time I was trying out making a mushroom curry with this approach and I think it came out well by sheer accident. I believe you also should try it out especially when you have the time to relax and enjoy a cooking experiment.

One funny thing that happened in the middle of the cooking was that the mixer's opening gave way and a part of the puree found its way to the bottom of the kitchen's shelf and some on to my head. Otherwise it was real fun. I normally get into a wild singing mode while am cooking and that good mood reflects in the results too.

Here is the recipe. Give it a shot.

Slice 2 big onions and 3 tomatoes into medium pieces.
Slice a small piece of ginger and 3 pods of garlic
Seperate peas from about 10 green peas pods
Keep 1/4 kg of oyster mushroom shredded. It is this shredding of the button mushrooms that brings a big difference to the curry. Putting the mushrooms inside as buttons gives a totally different taste.

Pour 4 teaspoons of oil into a shallow open pan and keep it on a medium flame. 
Add a small quantity of mustard and once the bursting starts, add the onions and saute, till the onions get a shade brown.
Add ginger and saute and then garlic and continue the sauteing.
Add the tomato pieces and saute. Add some water so that the tomato gets a little cooked.
Take the pan off the flame and transfer the contents into the mixer's jar. Whip the contents for about 2 to 3 minutes and keep the puree ready.
Pour 4 teaspoons of oil into a shallow open pan and keep it on a medium flame.
Add a small quantity of mustard and once the bursting starts, add the puree carefully using a large spoon.
Add the mushroom and peas into this mix and pour sufficient quantity of water so as to spread around the mushroom.
Add one teaspoon of chilli powder, one and half teaspoons of coriander powder, a pinch of turmeric and 3/4 teaspoon of gharam masala.
Add salt in small pinches and keep checking the taste slowly to spot the minute differences in taste till you get the final right one.
Leave the contents to boil for about 15 minutes so that the curry gets a little thick and then switch of the flame.
The mushroom curry is now ready for you.
A few chappatis and rice can form a hit combo with this curry. Go for it!!!


shaju said...

Good experience Roy. I liked it.


Vel said...

Great.. Should have been really yummy.. :-)

raji said...

Good recipe ... thank you for sharing the recipe will try it out.

Lanka said...

Blogging, Poetry, Photography ...........

and now Cookery

You straddle a wide arc my friend

leave some room for others


Arul said...

Good one Roy.

ILYAS BAIG said...


Magesh said...

Seems to be a good recipe Cheta. Will try it next weekend .Hope this formula works with Cauliflower(instead of Mushroom).

Anonymous said...

wen did u start learning cooking? Are you bugged with company work? :))

Vijayy S said...

Good to see and hear your little glimpses of personal life.

You are lucky Roy, I rarely get a chance to scare my wife with my cooking skills , & she never gives me a chance.

But i get lot of opportunity to sing @home and she cant stop me.

Though i own a guitar at home, my wife never knows " I dont know to play & everytime she asks me, i say , this is not right time & ppl are around ".

Vijayy S

Dhanya Marath said...

Oh you are a great cook too :-)
An artist can enjoy every work he does because he attempts something new in everything and make it interesting. For others tasks are just burden.


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