Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Several years back on that day,
When this earth heard your first cry,
You were a darling in every way,
Soaring our spirits sky high.

Dreams we did weave around you,
Day by day as you grew,
And today its time you knew,
Whether you did fulfill a few.

Deep into your heart you also did fill,
Choicest dreams that you did treasure,
And worked on these with all your will,
Seeing failure and success in varied measure.

Let your mind’s imagination soar,
Breeding it with selfless ideas, all fresh and pure,
To break open ego’s impregnable door,
And serve the mortals in need, both far and near.

The world will then, find happiness in your progress,
And life will give you its very very best.
The support and motivation for your success,
Will be showered by destiny with all zest.

May your deeds prove valuable to this earth,
Taking you to heights scaled by a select few,
And we would for sure take pride in your birth,
Seeing the world bow to a phenomenon like you.


jacob said...

Great Roy

Cherry said...

Thanks much Jacob.

Padma said...

happy dad ..
nice poem all my very best

Cherry said...

Thanks...Children are a blessing all the time...once they grow and become responsible..that's the consummation.



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