Friday, December 11, 2009


This was the first Choir singing this Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is joy in singing as part of a big group in front of such a big audience. There is also a bigger joy in going through those small and careful steps of preparation to get our singing to a good level.

I got my second singing opportunity, and this was an inter-church competition. We got the first place, thanks to the excellent leadership and ideas of our conductor ,the presence of a few confident singers in the group, the excellent co-ordination of the organizers, the humour generated by a few that combined very well with our serious preparations, and made the atmosphere all that even on the whole, and the hard work of each member in the group. We also had a lot of fun during the preparation sessions. I found that these small things were those, that give so much life and fun, to this whole season of Christmas.


Gena D said...

Oh I have to agree with you - to me it's definitely the small thigns that are the "funnest", greatest and most memorable!! Gena

Tinsie said...

I love choir singing - both singing myself and listening to others. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Cherry said...

Thanks for your feedbacks..yes there is lot of fun in the small things..

Nice to know that you love singing...are you part of a singing group?


Patricia P said...

That must have been such a spirit filled evening. I went to see my daughter sing too, and I enjoyed each song they sang, and thanked God for all his blessings.....starting with the gift of seeing my daughter singing for him.
Cherry many blessings for your beautiful family, and a blessed year for all. May God show us the value of love for oneself and for others.

Cherry said...

Thanks much Patty for your wishes...thanks for appreciating..God bless your family..


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