Saturday, October 10, 2009


These are some of the shots that I took while I was on a cruise onboard the Argosy ship from Seattle downtown.

You can see the Space Needle, the Washington Mutual and Bank of America buildings.

What I like so much about these shots is that the colour of the sea, the colour of the sky and the clouds and the colour of buildings that form the skyline seem to match.

There was a regatta that was on and we got into our cruise when it was into its final stages.


Patricia P said...

Thank you for the invite to your blog. I love these pictures. I've never been up north here in the United States. I'm in the southwest part of the states. It must be beautiful. All of the states have something beautiful about them.
Thanks for posting some pictures.

Gena said...

Great pics!! Always nice to see photos of other people's experiences around the world! G

Tinsie said...

It does indeed look like shades of grey! That's the north for you ;-)

Cherry said...

Patty, Gena and Tinsie,
Thanks much..I am so much interested in photography and I am keen to improve.


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